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Many will agree that the facilities and amenities that this property offers are what sets it apart from the rest. Aside from the elegant homes and accessibility of the location – JOYA LOFTS and TOWERS’ amenities are topnotch and remarkable. 

For one, the safety and security of the residents and their love ones is a topmost priority for the Management. They ensure 24/7 CCTV security monitoring. You and love ones can sleep in peace knowing that this property safe and well-secured.  There are also concierge services as well as reception staff to assist the residents with their needs day in and day out. 

Surrounding this community are greeneries and well-landscaped gardens enough to keep you calm and refreshed. Imagine waking up to this sight or walking round breathing in all the fresh air and taking in all the blooms around you. You are surely starting your day right. 

For the pet lovers out there, it is welcoming to know that pets can be taken inside the units. We know that dogs or cats are also treated as part of the family, especially if you have younger kids.

For the active and sporty enthusiasts, a modern gym is within the area so no need for you to enroll with costly memberships in fitness centers outside.  You can ask your family members to join you as you go through the daily exercises and routines. Exercising together is one way to safeguard your health. As they say, “Health is wealth.”  Go and plan your workouts for great bonding experience, too! 

For the kids, a swimming pool is essential to keep them forever playful and happy. They can swim and frolic to their hearts’ content, in summer days or not. For the adults – they can organize swimming parties among friends and neighbors. Plan weekends or holidays to join your kids to be able to bond with them. You can definitely unwind and beat all your stress away. Just lounge around and bask in the sunlight as you enjoy fun times and good company.  Of course, the adults can also join in the fun and nothing can stop them. 

Aside from the swimming pool, the playground is surely an added treat to the young children. Parents need not worry since you need to bring your kids to the malls or arcades just to be able those games. They can play with neighbors’ and friends’ kids right in your own neighborhood.  This is a sure formula to help keep your kids pre-occupied and busy. They can while away their time, especially after school or during weekends and summertime and play some games in the playground with the rest. 

For the ultimate relaxation and unwinding – we recommend you try the spa in this property. As you work 5 days a week – allow yourself to indulge a bit and drop by the spa during weekends or your day-offs  for that relaxed, refreshed and recharged body and mind after. 

For the parents and adult children – there’s a game room where you can also bond and tinker with the game stuff or your gadgets. When you want to spend leisure time with your love ones, then, you can organize game sessions so you get to have fun at the same time, too. 

Function rooms are also available at JOYA LOFTS and TOWERS – this is where you can celebrate fondly life’s special occasions. Whatever   the event may be, you can save on time and costs if you just do it right in your own area. It’s more convenient for you, too.

When you need to do some work while at home or for urgent paper work or administrative needs, you will be pleased to know that this property has a business center which you can utilize. This will definitely be a big help to you. 

Are you fond of shopping? I bet most ladies do. There is a retail area where you can shop for items you need and want in one of the classiest malls in the country – the Powerplant Mall. Indeed, one of the best things to do is shop within a few steps away from your home, right where you live. Shopping can never be as easy and convenient when you own a space at JOYA LOFTS and TOWERS.

  • Gym
  • Retail Area
  • Playground
  • Game Room
  • Pets Allowed
  • Swimming Pool
  • 24-hour Security
  • Function Rooms
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